It's on my list

Privacy Policy

This note explains users of the iOS App “It's on my list” how data is used and processed by the App. It describes the nature, scope and purpose of the data gathered.

The legal basis of processing personal data is the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and other national data protection laws of EU states as well as additioanl data protection relevant directives.

Personal data is collected only if technically necessary. Such data will never be sold or passed on to third parties.

Data Usage

The App stores data entered by the user locally on the device. Personal data is not collected. Does the user choose to sync the list with Dropbox, a user-specific access token is stored on the device. The token is needed to access the users's Dropbox and will only be used for this application.

The App allows to mark items with photos from the photo library or with photos taken by the user with the camera. In both cases, only the image data, but not extended image information such as the time or location are used and stored in the App.

Apple Backup

By storing the data on the device and while creating a backup to iCloud, data from the App is processed according to Apple's Privacy Policy. See Apple Customer Privacy Policy.

Dropbox Synchronization

Does the user choose to sync with Dropbox, the data of [Shopping] list is stored in text format within the Dropbox folder [on_my_list]. The App will only access the folder to create or change that text file. In no case, another Dropbox folder is used. Still the App is requesting full access to Dropbox to sync. This is necessary because only full access allows folder sharing with other Dropbox users. For details on how Dropbox uses and processes data, see Dropbox Privacy Policy.


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